Collection: Pastured Lamb & Milk Fed Veal

We decided to group these two product collections together because of the intent that we really only carry these products near the holidays. Honoring the full disclosure they are not high margin animals and we really only bring them to the market when we know we can sell the product. When an animal is not high in margin it does not pay for us to bring them all year round and if we aren't making a profit then we wont be here next year to serve all of you! 

If you enjoy our lamb or veal, we encourage you to stock up now! 

Pasture Raised Lamb

Many people find that pasture-raised lamb has a richer and more distinct flavor compared to conventionally raised lamb. This is believed to be influenced by the lamb's varied diet and exercise, contributing to the development of more flavorful meat.


Milk Fed Veal 

Our Veal is best described as better than the rest! Why is that? Our veal is not raised in containment like commercial veal, its fed a similar diet we would raise our beef on, so it has a mild flavor! The veal is a dairy-beef cross and that is why it wont be sent on to our finished beef program.  

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