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  • Chris Vanmeter

    I wish I was in Canajoharie more than once a week… if I was I’d be able to go to Shults Farm and deli everyday…. Their food is so good… recently we have had;

    Their pork tenderloin… grilled on our smoker… it was amazing… tender and flavorful.

  • Amy L Colclough 

    Excellent quality beef, pork, lamb and poultry-we have been a customer for years! Great family that gives great service. You will not want meat from a store after having theirs!! Their bacon is amazing too. We use their tomatoes, peppers etc all summer - heirloom tomatoes are the very best here. Glad to support them.

  • Robert Bats

    just ordered the chicken salad wrap with pasta salad the kind lady even gave us free feta cheese for waiting everything is delicious fresh everything I highly recommend Shults kind people and delicious fresh food.

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When you choose pasture-raised turkeys, not only are you supporting more ethical and sustainable farming practices, but you're also likely to get a turkey with better flavor and texture for your Thanksgiving meal. Be sure to plan ahead and order your pasture-raised turkey early, as they can be in high demand, especially during the holiday season.


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