How to pick out your holiday turkey?

How to pick out your holiday turkey?

I've got three little kids. Holiday's are a blur at this point, however, I think that having staples of GOOD, true, real, food as your centerpiece!

Pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey refers to turkeys that are raised in a more natural and humane environment compared to conventionally raised birds. Here's what you need to know about pasture-raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving feast:

  1. Raised on Pasture: Pasture-raised turkeys are typically allowed to roam outdoors and forage on a pasture. This means they have access to a more natural diet and plenty of space to move around.

  2. Healthier Lifestyle: Turkeys raised in a pasture environment tend to be healthier, as they get more exercise, fresh air, and sunlight. They are less prone to stress and disease.

  3. Diet: In addition to what they forage on the pasture, pasture-raised turkeys may also be supplemented with high-quality feed. This diet can result in more flavorful and nutritious meat.

  4. Higher Cost: Because of the additional care and space required for pasture-raising, these turkeys are typically more expensive than conventionally raised ones. Expect to pay a bit more for a pasture-raised bird.

When you choose pasture-raised turkeys, not only are you supporting more ethical and sustainable farming practices, but you're also likely to get a turkey with better flavor and texture for your Thanksgiving meal. Be sure to plan ahead and order your pasture-raised turkey early, as they can be in high demand, especially during the holiday season.

Buying directly from the farm offers you so many advantages.

When you buy meat directly from a farm, you have the opportunity to interact with the farmers, ask questions about their practices, and gain insights into how the animals are raised, fed, and cared for. This transparency can help you make more informed decisions about the meat you're purchasing.

Our kiddos play a huge role in growing our turkeys, every night Hannah and Hayley feed them their evening meal, rotate the pastures, and make sure everyone is happy and ready to settle in. 


This year as you can see on our farm stories, our turkeys are extremely naughty, getting out of fences and roaming through the greenhouses. We like to think this adds a lot of extra flavor to the turkeys because they are eating more organic matters throughout their life here on the farm. 


We generally sell out of our pasture raised friends prior to even getting to thanksgiving! so if you have any doubt that you want one of these birds, call your mom or grandma and let her know your bringing the pasture raised turkey to dinner (even if you have to bring it before to let her cook it). 


Our friends can be picked up in Syracuse NY at the CNY regional market, the Saturday before thanksgiving or at our retail store SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY prior  to thanksgiving. 


Thanks to all of our customers who have chosen us for your turkeys the previous years, these are definitely one of our favorites to have here on the farm. 

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