Our Vegetables


Who are we?

Welcome and so happy you are here to HEAR our farm story!

Shults family farm is a small farm located in the central region of NY. We are a fifth generation family farm! Today the team is "farmer dave" the father and patriarch and his wife Lori. The next generation (the one building the marketing) is Marybeth along with her three kiddos on the farm daily. That's the team. We have some help with the veggies from part time help.

Our biggest mission and value is to provide a safe, high quality product, that WE grew with our own hands!

"Farmer dave" was a dairy farmer by trade. He took over the farm from his Grandfather and Grandmother.  He milked cows for years, but doing so his body was tired, and the milk price was pretty crappy! He then decided to change gears. This was pretty hard on the farmer, but now has provided a much deeper love for farming and if you have seen the way he sells our products at the CNY regional market every Saturday you will definitely agree!

Additionally, we raise pasture raised beef, Berkshire pork, and pasture raised chicken. We are able to have fresh pasture raised eggs! 

Pasture raised beef, berkshire hogs, and the pasture raised chicken are some of the best meats you have had in along time! 

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