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Bone-in Beef Ribeye Steak (1.25lb)

Bone-in Beef Ribeye Steak (1.25lb)

Bone-in ribeye steaks, often simply referred to as ribeye steaks, are a popular and flavorful cut of beef known for their rich marbling and intense beefy flavor. These steaks are cut from the rib section of the cow, specifically from the rib primal, which is located between the chuck and the loin.

The "bone-in" designation refers to the fact that these steaks are cut with the rib bone still attached. The bone not only adds flavor during the cooking process but also helps to retain moisture and tenderness in the meat.

Ribeye steaks are prized for their tenderness, juiciness, and robust flavor, thanks to the high level of intramuscular fat, also known as marbling. This marbling melts during cooking, basting the meat and enhancing its flavor and juiciness.

When cooking bone-in ribeye steaks, many prefer to use high-heat methods such as grilling, broiling, or pan-searing to achieve a delicious crust on the outside while keeping the interior tender and juicy. Because of their thickness and marbling, ribeye steaks can withstand high heat and are often cooked to medium-rare or medium doneness to preserve their tenderness and flavor.

Bone-in ribeye steaks are often served as a standalone entree, accompanied by simple seasonings like salt and pepper, or with compound butters or steak sauces. They are a favorite choice for steak lovers seeking a luxurious and flavorful dining experience.

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