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Raw chicken Dog Food Subscription!

Raw chicken Dog Food Subscription!

Have you tried our raw dog food line of chicken? We are working towards new raw dog food products and our dog food products. Have you switched your dog to our line and want to ensure your dog is getting this and we will not run out? Priority will go to our subscription customers first. Order 10 lbs per month and earn the discount!


Raw dog food from a small farm typically consists of minimally processed, natural ingredients sourced directly from the farm or local suppliers. Here's what you might find in raw dog food from a small farm:

  1. Raw Meat: This is usually the primary ingredient, often sourced from animals raised on the farm itself or from nearby farms. It could include beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, or other meats.

  2. Organ Meats: Organ meats like liver, kidney, and heart are commonly included in raw dog food for their nutrient-rich qualities.

  3. Bone: Ground bone is often included to provide essential calcium and phosphorus, as well as to help maintain dental health.

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