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Shults Farm Produce Club Subscription

Shults Farm Produce Club Subscription

A shults farm produce club subscription is your gateway to our farms freshest, realest, food. 

A produce club is similar to a CSA without having to buy the products up front. Instead it's a subscription to get regular deliveries of seasonal produce. This club will be a farmer pick each week of produce that is delivered in a bag at your pickup location. There will be a variety of products from our farm each week of the seasonal produce that is available. You are more than welcome to add on each week an order of eggs, and other products available from our store. 


There are a lot of benefits to you for joining our produce club! You will receive Fresh and superb quality of produce that is picked and harvested specifically for your purchase. Members will enjoy vegetables that are in season to enhance flavor unlike long-distance transported products. The convenience of regular deliveries save time and effort! Reducing the need for frequent trips to the store! 

We will be offering two sizes: 


For a couple or a small family this size produce box will be perfect! Offering you a variety of vegetables that will work for your family to feed your table!



This is more for a traditional size family that has 4-5 members, or maybe you want extra to be able to freeze and enjoy all winter! This size would be perfect!


For each month subscription you will be charged on the first of the month for your orders; you will be able to pickup any day of the week when we talk on the Monday so we can pick your orders fresh for pickup. Additionally you will be asked to join a facebook group where we will post recipe cards, you can ask questions, or see first time products that are available from the Farm. 


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