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Spreadable Quark Cheese

Spreadable Quark Cheese

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This fresh, soft, white cheese is prepared from pasteurised cow's milk with a small amount of rennet added to achieve a good, firm curd. However, traditional quark is a purely fresh dairy product and does not make use of rennet.

It is moist, snowy white in colour with a subtle taste and smooth & soft texture. Its texture is similar to that of cream cheese, pot cheese or ricotta with a fat content ranging from low to medium. Quark is usually sold in plastic tubs with most or all of the whey. The flavour is reminiscent of sour cream with the seasonings of herbs, spices or fruits. The quark cheese makes a great base for many recipes such as cheesecake, pastas, creamy sauces, sandwiches, salads and desserts. It pairs well with Champagne, White sparkling, Pacherenc-du-vic-bilh White, Coteaux-du-layon White, Monbazillac White and Cadillac White.

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